The Different Facets of Your Being

An ancient tradition tells us that within each of us reside two wolves, and the one that predominates is the one we feed. In our quest to be good and loving, we often neglect to recognize, observe, and acknowledge the part of us that feels hatred and separation. It’s these parts within us that hurt both others and ourselves.

However, these are precisely the parts that need our support and love the most. These are the parts we must frequently sit with and meditate upon. For example, when a child hurts another child or behaves in a way society deems “bad,” they may be reprimanded by a teacher or their parents. If anger triggered this behavior, the common solution is often, “You must suppress this emotion; it’s bad.”
This is how many people grow up without understanding how to handle anger, sadness, jealousy, and all those energies and emotions they label as “negative.”
We’ve all grown up in a society that treats our emotions superficially. Without understanding the underlying issues, without learning to embrace our emotions, without projecting them onto others or ourselves.
So, the first step in this journey is to stop hating all these facets within you. Give yourself permission to be angry, to shout, to express, and above all, to FEEL. They are all energies; they are all emotions: energies that yearn to move. Offer yourself this gift.

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