My specialties:

  • Trauma
  • Sexuality (trauma, addictions…)
  • EMDR practice
  • Psycho-corporal practices
Bénédicte Donet est psychologue clinicienne, spéacialisée en EMDR, pleine conscience et d'autres techniques. Elle vous propose aussi des séances de photothérapie et des masterclass.


Whether it’s individual sessions, programs, workshops, or phototherapy, the heart of therapeutic work is based on kindness, acceptance, and the integration of your experiences.
Together, we explore every facet of your being: beliefs, tensions, blocks, emotions, in order to grasp and support what is ready to evolve.

The nature of therapy can evolve because everyone is unique, requiring specific methods and approaches.


The main modalities I use in my sessions are:

  • Listening: A necessary foundation to understand your experiences, emotions, and needs.
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing): A therapy using eye movement to facilitate the processing and resolution of past traumas, aiding in the digestion of memories, and reducing their emotional impact.
  • IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy): A therapy technique that explores how we learned to feel in a certain way and opens the possibility of creating appropriate changes in our emotional life.
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems): A technique that invites you to welcome the different identities within you, helping them grow, if necessary, evolve, and regain a sense of security.
  • Mindfulness: Meditation and observation of emotions and sensations.
  • Emotional release techniques through breath and voice.


In these sessions, through phototherapy, I guide you to explore your relationship with the different facets coexisting within you. Those that desire to be seen, those that hide, those that dislike themselves, and those that love themselves.
This exercise provides a specific time and environment to cultivate self-esteem and tenderly welcome what needs to be illuminated and felt.

Through phototherapy, you have the opportunity to explore the different dimensions at play.


Through a variety of programs and workshops, I offer teachings and practices that can bring about significant transformations.
Everything I share in these formats represents knowledge that I consider essential to achieve harmony with our own being. Understanding ourselves and our internal mechanisms is a prerequisite for fully embracing ourselves and living in greater harmony.
I am delighted to share what I have acquired over many years of practice and research in my areas of expertise, such as trauma, nervous system regulation, sexuality, meditation, and psycho-corporal practices.

Photoshoot Au coeur de ma poitrine

You think you’re the pain, but in reality, you are the medicine that heals it. You think you’re the lock to your heart, but in reality, you are the key that opens it.


Frequently asked questions

Am I the right psychologist for you?

I invite you to explore my website and take the time to see if my approach suits you. There are many ways to provide support. My approach is holistic and committed. Any questions to clarify aspects of my practice and therapeutic framework are welcome through private messages.

What is the recommended session frequency?

We will discuss this during our first session, but the final choice will depend on your ability to receive, the time needed to integrate each session, and your desires. We are all different, and we all have different rhythms and needs. Therefore, our sessions adapt to your sensitivity.

Why do sessions last 1.5 hours?

It is important for me to provide you with a spacious time and space to feel, settle, and share. In my opinion, the space of healing needs protection from a rush or urge to hurry. The body and mind have their own wisdom, like nature; they can sometimes be quick and sometimes slow. Thus, we can take the time that meeting your inner world requires.

What kind of space do I offer?

In my support, I like to create a welcoming environment by providing you with a compassionate and serene listening. Therefore, I commit to being rejuvenated, present, and available for you in each of our sessions. To achieve this, I plan intervals between each session I offer. I organize my schedule to give you the best of my capacity for presence and listening.

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