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Who am i?

From a young age, humanity has fascinated me. Growing up in a family of caregivers, I was deeply moved and inspired to approach healing holistically, embracing the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic aspects of care.
This openness has allowed me to understand the connections between Western and Eastern approaches and the impact of methods ranging from the most holistic to the most conventional.

Observing, understanding, feeling, and caring have been an important part of my journey. The desire to support naturally led me to the study of psychology.
Continuously, I am dedicated to learning and experimenting to offer the most thoughtful and effective approach for each individual.
This journey is nourished by my training, encounters, readings, and life experiences. I am guided by my intuition and sensitivity to guide with the most accuracy.
Thus, my practice naturally interweaves different approaches to support a compassionate and transformative space.
With a deep love for travel, I enjoy experiencing various therapeutic modalities from ancient traditions and enriching my practice with these discoveries.
Therefore, my way of supporting you is infused with this unique journey to meet your sensitivity.


At the age of 25, freshly graduated from university with my clinical psychology degree in hand, I entered the workforce, full of passion and motivation.

I enjoyed working with children and adolescents, but I was disappointed by the constraints of the national education system. I observed with sadness the limitations of what I could offer within short timeframes and a strict institutional approach.

This led me to discover meditation (MBSR), which transformed my relationship with the world and opened me up to greater presence.

During a silent meditation retreat, I made the decision to leave my job and embark on a journey to explore a more grounded and sensitive approach to support and guidance.

On this path, the more I deepened my connection with my inner world, the more I felt an indescribable joy.
I embarked on an exploration of yoga, meditation, family constellations, and female sexuality through my encounters with Asia and South America.
I then decided to delve deeply into these new teachings passed down to me by wise women. In Thailand, I furthered my knowledge of trauma, post-traumatic stress, and memory.
This became a passion that drove me to train in EMDR and IEMT.

Today, this journey that intertwines clinical psychology, scientific research, and my practice of yoga, meditation, and the sacred feminine allows me to offer guidance that supports every aspect of your being and experience.

What I offer you in my role as a psychologist, I have deeply explored in my personal work and training.

I am now passionate about the idea of passing on this knowledge, practices, and teachings to you in various forms: individual sessions, workshops, retreats.

Bénédicte Donet psychologue en ligne, posant dans la nature avec un bouquet de fleurs séchées

Happiness is not acquired; it does not reside in appearances. Each one of us builds it at every moment of our life with our heart.

African Proverb

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