With hands pressed together in prayer near my chest, my gaze locked onto theirs, and my head slightly bowed, I humbly utter these words: ขอบคุณมากครับ, phonetically: Kob khun maak khrap/ka. They mean “Thank you very much” in Thai. This ritual is sacred. For a long time, living in Thailand, I didn’t fully grasp the importance of this ritual. The significance of this daily moment of gratitude.
Now, I utter every word in the presence of another, connecting to the service the person has just provided me and how deeply grateful I am for the energy and attention that they have offered.
Simply taking the time to look into the eyes of the person who has assisted us, allowing ourselves this moment of acknowledgment, can ignite a fire of joy and love within us.
Sometimes, we say thank you as we say goodbye. The rules of politeness sometimes disconnect us from the true meaning of the words we utter.

How many times have I said the word “thank you” without truly connecting to the energy of gratitude? Without feeling it within myself. Words have immense power only if we feel them, only if we allow them to express their magic through our presence and sincerity. Gratitude is one of the practices that brings the most magic into my life. A few minutes of gratitude are enough to feel its effects on your life.
Do you simply take the time to… give thanks? For the money you have received since birth, for the friends, even if they are few, who surround you? For this new day that begins? For the bed on which you can lie down… Every little thing can be a source of gratitude.
Being grateful does not mean ignoring what’s wrong. It’s about paying as much attention to feeling difficult emotions as it is to recognize the blessings in our lives. It’s about cultivating your ability to see and give thanks for all the gifts that come your way and are offered to you. And it starts as simply as saying thank you, spoken with sincerity, while looking into the eyes of another being.

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