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At the core of my therapeutic practice lie speech and listening, two fundamental pillars that guide my sessions towards a deep understanding of your experiences, emotions, and needs. This empathetic approach creates a space of trust and openness where you can progress at your own pace.
I integrate other therapeutic methods into this foundation that I believe align with your situation:

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a recognized psychotherapeutic technique for treating post-traumatic stress disorder. Eye movements or other sensory stimuli are used during the recall of distressing memories. This therapy allows for the processing and resolution of past traumas, facilitating the digestion of memories and reducing their emotional impact.
  • Mindfulness is a powerful tool with beneficial effects on our well-being, bodily awareness, and our ability to fully experience the present moment. It’s common for me to introduce moments of meditation and mindfulness exploration into my guidance to help you reconnect with the present moment, deepen your self-awareness, and welcome your internal experiences without resistance.
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS), a practice of integrating identities, is a fascinating approach. Each individual carries within them a complex world composed of multiple identities. These identities may not all be aligned in terms of age or desires. Part of us may primarily seek protection and safety, but we also have another part within us that aspires to grow and explore the world around us. The practice of integrating identities involves recognizing and welcoming all these parts of ourselves. We work with these different identities, helping them grow, if necessary, evolve, and regain a sense of security.
  • Breathing and the use of voice: When facing high levels of stress and anxiety, it’s beneficial to explore your breathing patterns. Sometimes, a reeducation of breathing is needed to support the nervous system. Additionally, your voice is closely connected to your nervous system and emotions. By working on voice modulation, we can release emotional tensions, express our needs, and strengthen our self-confidence. These techniques create a powerful therapeutic space.


A Warm and Secure Framework

I am wholeheartedly committed to providing you with a space of trust and a warm environment to enable you to open up at your own pace.
I am fully aware of the sacred and vulnerable nature of a therapeutic relationship, and I pledge to uphold this trust by maintaining the quality of my presence and strictly adhering to professional confidentiality.

A Holistic Practice Tailored to Each Individual

My practice is guided by a holistic view of psychology, which involves considering the individual as a whole. Thus, my approach to human beings takes into account their physical, mental, emotional, familial, social, cultural, and spiritual dimensions. I firmly believe that we all possess an extraordinary potential for healing and personal growth, and my mission is to gently accompany you on your own path while respecting your pace.

A Passionate and Committed Approach

Driven by my passion for therapy and its practice, I continually update my knowledge through training and by nurturing my personal practice to provide you with quality therapeutic support. The maturity, wisdom, and experience that result from self-work cannot be compared to knowledge acquired from books. Therefore, my guidance is greatly inspired and guided by what I have gained through my own journey.


Initially driven by a passion for child, adolescent psychology, and family dynamics, my experiences have gradually led me to specialize in various areas of support:

  • Female and Male Sexuality
  • Sexual Traumas such as Abuse and Incest
  • Anxiety, Phobias, and Stress
  • Traumas and Post-Traumatic Stress

What Is Trauma?

Trauma occurs when the emotions associated with an event or situation overwhelm a person and leave lasting imprints on their psyche. When traumas occur, the brain may sometimes struggle to fully integrate them, resulting in memories that can be reactivated by everyday events. Therapy becomes a crucial support for understanding, coping with, and overcoming the suffering related to post-traumatic stress, including intrusive images, persistent thoughts, persistent anxiety, uncomfortable physical reactions, and associated emotional imbalances.

Support for Issues Related to Sexuality

In the realm of sexuality, I pay special attention to facilitating a gentle exploration of past traumas, your personal journey, and the impact of these experiences on the challenges you face. Sexual disorders can take various forms, including pain during intercourse, a lack of interest or sexual desire, difficulties related to arousal or orgasm, or challenges in establishing intimate relationships, among others.

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Regardless of the origins of your difficulties, whether known or buried, we embark on a sensitive and compassionate exploration of your history, addressing the psychological and psychosomatic dimensions of the issues you experience. My deep interest in the delicate exploration of sexuality, often surrounded by taboos and mysteries, inspires me profoundly. In the family, educational, and social context, it is undeniable that there is a significant lack of education and transmission regarding sexuality.

My desire is to guide each individual on a journey of reconnection with this fundamental aspect of their existence. My specialization lies in supporting survivors of sexual traumas such as rape, incest, and abuse. I am here to provide support in exploring the psychological consequences of these experiences. After working on trauma resolution, it becomes possible to rediscover pleasure through mindfulness and sexuality psychology approaches. My profound commitment is to create a path to emotional healing and personal fulfilment for every individual I accompany.

Anxiety, Stress, and Phobias

I am here to support you with compassion and expertise through the challenges of anxiety, stress, and phobias that can sometimes feel overwhelming.
These are natural states that we all encounter at some point in our lives. I believe in the importance of deeply understanding the origins and patterns that fuel them. By exploring your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, we will work hand in hand to identify the triggers and underlying mechanisms behind these states.

We will explore mindfulness and relaxation-based techniques to support you in your daily life. In addition, I integrate a deep exploration of traumas. Together, we will gradually address the situations that trigger your phobias. The goal is to help you feel more control and confidence in situations that were once sources of anxiety.
The psychotherapeutic work we undertake together is not just aimed at alleviating symptoms but also at helping you develop a profound understanding of yourself and your emotions.


  • Individual Session 90 €

    Duration: 1.5 hours / Audience: Adults

* I aim to promote access to therapeutic support for everyone as much as possible. If your personal situation makes access to therapy difficult, I have reserved a number of reduced-rate slots. Depending on your situation (student, unemployed, etc.), I would be happy to discuss fees with you before our first session. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this matter.

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You can contact me via email at or through the contact form to ask your questions and have an initial conversation before deciding to schedule an appointment.